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Mrs. Courtney Albright Principal

Mrs. Gina Cifaldi  Dean of Operations

Annette Lesniewski   Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Beth Fendry-Spaziano Administrative Assistant

Ms. Angela Traut     8th Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Amy Grinning     7th Grade Homeroom & 7th Grade ELA

Mr. Demond Buckner   6th Grade Homeroom & 6th Grade Science and Social Studies

Mrs. Dawn Wester     5th Grade Homeroom

Ms. Hannah Trafton 4th Grade Homeroom

Mr. Haley Breidel  3rd Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Micheline Szocs     2nd Grade Homeroom

Mrs. Mary Harwig    2nd Grade Homeroom

Ms. Tammy Stika     1st Grade Homeroom

Ms. Sandy Liban    5 Year Old Kindergarten

Mrs. Patricia Larson     Educational Assistant

Ms. Marinella Buendia     4 Year Old Kindergarten

Mrs. Lynn Starr     Educational Assistant

Mrs. Janet Clapper     3 Year Old Kindergarten

Ms. Brandee Weigert   Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Michele Zampino     Music Specialist

Ms. Maggie Herbst     Art Specialist

Mr. Jesse Duwe     Phy Ed Specialist

Mrs. Belinda Spor     Hot Lunch Service

Ms. Mary Pittmann     After School Care

Mrs. Beth Crowley     After School Care